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Planning for 55 new houses

All houses in Scaynes Hill should by now have received a letter about a potential outline Planning application for 55 new houses on land to the south of the Inn on the Green, which also borders the back of Hillcrest Lane. To find out more go to the website of DMH Stallard, who are representing the developer, Greenplan Designer Homes Ltd before Wed 27th April and comment by Tue 3rd May.

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Barn Owls

I first started to become interested in barn owls about 30 years ago. I'm not sure exactly what started my ...

Posted 05 Apr

Butterflies - can you help?

There has been an alarming decline in the number of butterflies and moths in the UK. In the last 40 years ...

Posted 20 Apr

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Tue 19th Jul @ 08:00 - 18:00

Fruit & Veg Share - leave any surplus produce on the stall outside the church. Anything you can use - just take it! See details

Wed 20th Jul @ 18:30 - 19:30

Community Choir rehearsal in the school. New members welcome.

Wed 3rd Aug @ 19:00

Weekly Pub Quiz at the Inn on the Green. £2 per head to enter. See details.

Sun 17th Jul @ 19:30

Film Night - 'The Dressmaker'  at Wivelsfield Village Hall - see details

Thu 21st Jul @ 19:00

Community Choir end of year performance and party at the Inn on the Green

Mon 8th Jun @ 20:00

LRPC meeting in the King Edward Hall, Lindfield

Tue 26th Jul @ 08:00 - 18:00

Fruit & Veg Share - leave any surplus produce on the stall outside the church. Anything you can use - just take it! See details

Wed 10th Aug @ 14:00

WI Summer Outing to Kensington Palace

Village Show - the Results!

A big 'thank  you' to all our exhibitors, helpers, judges and stewards without whose support the Show would  ...

Posted 14 Jul

15th Jul - 7th Aug

Big Butterfly Count -  spot and record 18 species of common butterflies - see details & read Article