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The history of Scaynes Hill has been under the spotlight recently. In October Jenny Walker gave a very well attended illustrated talk to the WI covering the last 150 years. We have also received memories and photos of the village from the Gower family who lived here for about 90 years. If you are interested in the earlier history Martin King has made a short video covering the Saxon/Norman period.

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Anyone for cricket?

Scaynes Hill Cricket Club established in 1905 is a thriving village sports club, promotes an active and   ...

Posted 02 May

100 years for Scaynes Hill WI

The Scaynes Hill Women's Institute was founded on April 19th 1917 - one of the first in England. Its object was  ..

Posted 22 Jun

Sat 13th Jan @ 19:30 - 23:00

Barn Dance in Millennium Centre incl. Fish & Chip supper. Adults £14.50, under 13s £7.  Tickets from Dianne 831676

Gowers of Scaynes Hill

Three generations of the Gower family lived in Scaynes Hill for a period of about 90 years ...

Posted 02 Dec

Sun 14th Jan @ 19:30

Film Night - 'Dunkirk'  at Wivelsfield Village Hall. See details

Tue 23rd Jan @ 19:30

Sustainability Group Meeting in the Church Annexe - new members welcome

Tue 23rd Jan @ 20:00

Quiz Night at the Sloop Inn - £2 entry fee for an evening of testing questions and some fun.

Wed 24th Jan @ 14:00

WI craft afternoon in Millennium Village Centre

Wed 24th Jan @ 18:30 - 19:30

Community Choir rehearsal in the school. New members welcome.

Sun 1th Feb @ 10:00 - 12:00

Household & Garden waste collection at the North end of the Common

Mon 19th Feb @ 20:00

LRPC meeting in Church Annexe.