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Scaynes Hill Village

You will recall that Scaynes Hill is to get 51 new homes built next to the Farmers. Most(?) villagers were happy for this development to proceed - after all, we need some affordable housing for our young people, don't we? Well, if you check the design of the new development you will see that 17 of these new homes are to be housed in two, 3-storey (plus high roof) blocks of flats (so 4-storey tall). These flats are to be built at the top of Anchor Hill, right next to the pub - nice view to the south for the residents.

Two Tower Blocks coming to Scaynes Hill

07 Aug 2018 Posted by Andy Spooner

Do you think that 2 blocks of tall flats are suitable properties to be built at the entrance to our village? Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) obviously do but are allowing us until 21 August to comment/object to the design and/or layout of the development. If enough people object, MSDC might take notice and suggest 2 storey blocks instead.

Further details, including the design and layout of the site and properties, can be seen at the MSDC Planning portal by entering the reference number DM/18/1394 at the bottom of the 'Simple Search' page and viewing the 'Related Documents' link. Any comments should be submitted to MSDC, either through the above portal or by e-mail or post by 21st August. All submissions need to have the above reference number and your name and address. If you object, you might also want to contact our local MSDC councillors for the High Weald ward, Christopher Hersey or Linda Stockwell to make the point (click on their names to go to the MSDC page with their contact details).

Elevations taken from Peter Taylor Associates Ltd planning drawing for client Nicholas King Homes and Greenplan Designer Homes submitted to MSDC on 23/07/18 and available for public viewing on the MSDC planning portal.