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Waste management is a hot topic these days and of concern to many, so the Sustainability Group decided to hold an evening meeting to explore the options open to us, now and for the future. Colin McFarlin, Waste Prevention Advisor for WSCC, talked us through the county's recycling services, including the development at Brookhurst where much of the contents of our black bins can also now be turned into a resource. Peter Desmond, a Lindfield resident and Strategic Advisor of Re-Think Solutions introduced the concept of "the circular economy" and its relevance to waste management from local and international perspectives. This approach provides an exciting alternative to the disposability of materials and resources that is inherent in many of our current production processes and services, not to mention our way of life as individuals.

Both talks were recorded and their presentations together with Q&As can be seen by clicking on the appropriate title below. The slides from a later talk in January 2019 by Colin McFarlin on the subject of ‘Recycling almost anything’ can be seen by clicking here.

A future without landfill?

31 Oct 2018 Posted by Cilla de Lande Long

A visit to the Brookhurst Recyclying Centre in Horsham (recycling our black landfill bins) was organised for Wed 28th November 2018 and a visit to the Ford Recycling Centre (recycling our blue bins) will take place on Wed 10th April 2019.

Waste Prevention in West Sussex - Colin McFarlin

The Circular Economy - Peter Desmond