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Interesting snippets

Not worthy of a news item or article but if you think it’s something that might interest others, then contact us with a snippet about Scaynes Hill for posting on this page.

Inces Quarry

There was a quarry for sandstone rock at the site on Inces just to the the south of the A272 at Anchor Hill.  The remains of the quarry can still be seen in the private grounds of Inces and his is now designated as a SSSI.  Stone for the construction of Lancing College Chapel was taken from the quarry which subsequently closed in 1913.

Millard Hall, Millennium Village Centre

As one would expect from the name the Millennium Village Centre was built mainly with Millennium Lottery funding in 2000.  Derek Millard was one of the principal masterminds behind the project so the Millard Hall was named after him in recognition of his untiring work in getting the project started.  Sadly he did not live to see it through to its completion.

Why is it called Woodcutters?

Before the houses in Woodcutters were built in 1990 there was a timber yard and sawmill on the site owned by Lewes Road Sawmills, which had operated as a going concern for 20 years before it closed in 1989.

Bomb crater?

If you go down to the end of Clearwater Lane past the pond on your left and on to the very end of the lane on the right opposite Hammonds Farm you can see a large depression filled with water and overgrown with trees.  It is believed to be a crater left by a bomb jettisoned by a German plane returning from a raid over London.