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Scaynes Hill Village Show - 9th  July 2015

A big 'thank  you' to all our exhibitors, helpers, judges and stewards without whose support the Show would not have been the success it was.  Our Horticulture Judge said that with the very wet Winter and the unseasonally hot dry/cold windy spell in Spring it was not surprising that our garden plants had suffered, so well done to all those who managed to produce the colourful array of exhibits.

14 July 2016 Posted by Angela Hicks

This year there was an unusually high number of preserves in the Cookery Section which perhaps indicated a surplus of fruit and vegetables from last Summer.

We included in our Junior Section a Class entitled  'A portrait of the Queen in celebration of her 90th birthday' and what an excellent selection of exhibits we had from the Cub Scouts.   Congratulations to Iona Hainge for her winning entry.

The Group Entry in the Junior Section produced 4 splendid Scarecrows this year, all extremely well made, and the Judge had a difficult time in deciding which was the winning exhibit, so very well done to all those who entered this Class and better luck next year to those whose efforts did not win them 1st place.  

In our Floral Art Section we also had a class in celebration of Her Majesty's 90th birthday - well done to Emily Ludgate on her winning entry.

Once again the ladies of Scaynes Hill W.I.  provided visitors to the Show with a mouth-watering array of cakes and cups of tea.  Up Country, Sheila Hobbs and her friend Sheila Cardew  kindly supplied plants for the Plant Stall for which we were very grateful because they also had another 'local' show to support!  

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.


Conservation Shield (overall show winner) - Jos Kingston

Flower Show Trophy (best exhibit in Horticulture)  -   Nick Hawes

The Joan Hudson Rose Bowl (best 4 identical roses, Class 5) - Sue Minter

Betty Hayter Memorial Salver (best exhibit in Floral Art) - Emily Ludgate

The Hawes Handicraft Cup (best exhibit in handicraft) -  Jos Kingston

W.I Cookery Award (best exhibit in Cookery Section)   -  Mike Lavelle

The Helga Race Trophy (best in Family Favourite Cookery Class) - Bobby Whittome

Eileen and Peter Pratt Trophy (best in Amateur Photography) - Georgie Marsland

The Douglas and Jackie Jay Trophy (best in Amateur Art) - Viv Jeremiah

Conservation Group Cup (best in Junior Section) - Iona Hainge

S.H.C.C. Trophy (Group Entry in Junior Section) - Friday Youth Group